"We dream of a world where people live healthily in harmony with the animals and environment."

Reconnecting Your HealthAt The Veg School, we teaches you how to adopt a healthy and balanced vegetarian diet, with step-by-step guidance and personal follow-ups. After you have attended enrichment courses at The Veg School, you will have a solid foundation on vegetarian nutrition and be able to customize a specific diet suitable for your own background.

The Veg School Mobile App

This is an App to directly access to The Veg School's services, including Wellness Courses, Organic Tours, Nutrition Consultation, Holistic Meetups, Useful Veg Info Downloads.

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What Client Says

“Enjoy the class, informative and fun with the extra, e.g. create own salad cream and demo on yoga breathing exercise and VSS activity and mission. Kee Yew is willing to share and very knowledgeable.”
Stephanie Tan